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Complete Security Solutions

KSB can provide complete professional security solutions to all segments including Diplomatic Missions, IT Industry, Multinational Companies, Hotels, Industrial Units, Airlines & Airports, Financial & Educational Institutions, Malls & Multiplexes, BPOs, Event Management and many more. We provide smart-uniformed, professionally trained and well
supervised security personnel who are trained to ensure the security and safety of assets, personnel and property against loss due to theft, pilferage, intrusion, fire, flooding or an accident.
We believe our success is due to our commitment to the following: Selection: A rigorous selection process in synch with KSB quality policy. Training: Regular & extensive Training Programs, both on-site and off. We have a well-equipped and professionally staffed training facility which caters to the complete training requirements of KSB and for the tailor made training requirements of our esteemed clients.
Supervision: Strong supervision network ensuring delivery of services. Response: Prompt response is ensured by state-of-the-art 24 hour managed control rooms.

Fire, Safety and Security Audits

For a nominal fee, we provide the services of very highly qualified and experienced professionals in conducting Fire, Safety and Security Audits where our experts will provide a near comprehensive study of the entire facility undertaken for the audit
The audit will highlight building, structural, company procedural and systems advantages and deficiencies along with recommendations and solutions and designs for a safe and secure environment while keeping in mind the latest industrial standards, practices and technologies.
We also believe in ensuring the best practices and standards for protecting the environment while keeping in mind the economic considerations and viability of solutions and recommendations. The Audits will highlight necessary training for the people concerned and which can be implemented and conducted by our Training Staff for a nominal fee.
Fire, Safety and Security Audit is an effective tool for assessing standards of an organization and helps clients to identify the areas of improvement and evolve an action plan. A systematic and critical identification of risks, evaluation of risks based on their impact and review of existing passive and active protection measures, can mitigate the risks and help in eliminating the causes of loss to life, property and assets.

Central Monitoring and Control Room (CMCR)

The state-of-the-art Central Monitoring and Control Room can monitor and respond to all criminal, fire and medical emergencies at the client’s location in the shortest possible time.
The CMCR is equipped with
Monitoring equipment to monitor the client’s premises equipped with automated, tamper proof electronic surveillance and security solutions if installed at the client’s locations.
24hrs manned Central Monitoring and Control Room with highly skilled and trained Emergency Response Team (ERT)
Systems to detect intrusion, fire, medical and or any other Emergency if the same is installed at the client’s locations.
Radio and mobile communications systems to communicate between the ERT and to initiate timely intimation to the appropriate public agency or agencies as required.
Recording and monitoring equipment which will provide backup in case of investigations into an untoward incident.

Security Beat Patrol

It is a unique and effective concept in the current security scenario primarily for Resident Welfare Associations, shops, banks, ATMs and other small establishments.
It includes
Patrolling from 22.00 hrs to 06.00hr and reporting to the clients at designated time intervals or as required
A thorough check of premises minimum twice during the shift
Checks on the client's existing security personnel, if deployed
Checks to ensure that the premises is properly locked and secured
Ensure that no untoward activity is taking place
Immediate Response to an incident
Line and radio communication links
We employ time-tested techniques and quality control procedures to ensure accuracy and client satisfaction in reports generated. In addition, for a nominal monthly fee, we can install guard and vehicle movement tracking systems for 100% reliability and productivity.

Emergency Response

Emergency Response service provides quick support to control, contain and safely resolve potentially dangerous situations encountered by the client onsite/offsite and contributes towards meeting the organization’s Business Continuity Plan (BCP) by limiting the extent of injuries and loss to property and assets, material and property damage in liaison with civic services.
In an actual disaster/emergency, the most important goals initially are the preservations of day-to-day operations, restoration of normal life, maintaining safe environment, protecting assets through a smart and quick Emergency Response Team (ERT).
The ERT members are carefully selected and rigorously and constantly trained for different threat situations and develop support strategies to deal with high-risk situations like
Bomb Threats and Explosions
Medical Emergencies
Thefts and Pilferage Incidents
Criminal Acts or Perceived Criminal Threat or Behavior

Training Solutions

We have an experienced and professional team that provides a wide range of training and developmental services. We have worked successfully for many years with major public and private sector organizations to meet their training and developmental needs.
Although very varied, our services for clients fall broadly into the following areas
Security related training, development and consultancy
Risk management consultancy
We work with our clients on a partnership basis which includes designing Training Solutions tailored to the client’s specific requirements thereby customizing our deliverables for the best services rendered.
We use a range of training techniques, including formal inputs, indoor and outdoor experiential activities, psychometric tools, mentoring and coaching to suit the individual learning preferences for desired outcomes.
We are flexible in organizing programmes at clients premises, our training institutions or other convenient venues.
The training provided is a blend of state-of-the-art techniques and advanced frontier knowledge.
A "Certificate of Participation" is awarded to the delegates who successfully complete the programme.
We provide training at three levels
Middle level
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Private Investigations

KSB has a Private Investigations Department, which handles a wide range of assignments. This department consists of high caliber professionals who have retired from active service or taken voluntary retirement from the Civil and Defense Services bringing with them a wealth of expertise and experience.
The department closely liaison and network with various government agencies and adds expertise to the assigned tasks. The investigation assignments undertaken by the department covers the following
Assignments to locate missing persons
Background and antecedent checks for corporate houses
Brand protection
Violation of copyrights/trademarks
Setting up internal security cells for corporate Houses/industries
Tracking anonymous/threat calls
Matters relating to insurance, loans, claims etc.
Verification of financial health of companies for joint ventures and takeovers